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Journeys, real and imagined, 2015

Participatory weave on bicycle inspired by journeys, Anti Gallery Gallery Show at Espacio Gallery, organised by Degrees of Freedom art collective.

Impossible Weaving 2010

Installation of knitted sculptural hangings at the Horsebridge Centre 2010

Impossible Weaving, installation 2010, Horsebridge Centre

Impossible Weaving, installation 2010, Horsebridge Centre

Sculpture using lobster pot, weaving, knitted wire and wool,engaging with the creativity along the Whitstable seafront and craft .

Spiral, 2013, Part of Barclays Bank exhibition of weaving and painting.

Totem, 2013, Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea Town Hall

Installation. Sculpture and paintings inspired by Gauchito Gill and travelling in Argentina.

Unravelling 2015, Memory exhibition, Pie Factory Margate

The piece references using Knots as a memory aid and my mother’s vascular dementia . Its shape is inspired by the Quipu.

Whitstable Sunset 2010

Sculptural weaving, using plastic fishing nets found on the beach in Kent and Valparaiso in Chile.

Cocoon 2011, Miles/KM Bussey Building Peckham.

Collaborative piece using paintings by Ignacio Cañete Sanchez. Cocoons made from wool obtained while traveling in Argentina.

Gaucho Sunset 2012, commission for the Whitstable Oyster Festival.

A shrine to Gauchito Gill, an Argentine saint of the people, on the same site used by Morris dancers and the blessing of the waters on Reeves beach.

Past, Present, Future, 2015, Brewery Tap Gallery Folkestone

Found crittle windows, art deco metallic weave, plastic fishing rope. The cycle of gentrification and regeneration.

"It's complicated..." 2015, Rev it up , Women's History Month, Espacio Gallery

Bodice, mother’s wedding dress,1945, Buenos Aires, Argentina; lace train weighted with stones; poster, wedding guide 1973; set and lighting, being a bride 2015.

Provenance, 2015

Wool from the Andes, papercut map of Folkestone, Bolivian tin mining sack,easel.

Abacus, 2013, Barclays Bank solo exhibition "From the Cradle"

Installation of weavings, inspired by chilean artist Cecilia Vicuna's , Impossible Weaving, and William Morris', How We Live and How We Might Live.

Knitting Jam, 2014, Whitstable Biennale Satellite program

Participatory installation with a focus on the social aspect of knitting, and the sounds it produces.

Cocoon 2, 2013 Heaven and Hell exhibition Espacio Gallery.

Knitting and painting, installed with Cocoon 1. Playing with ideology of Heaven and Hell in a comforting cocoon.

Whitknits 2014, Best Dressed Window, Oyster Festival (Runner up)

Lobster Pot, knitted oyster Shells, Lobster, Sunset weave and frame, mixed materials.

Provenance 2014 _ "Soil" exhibition, Horsebridge Centre

Woven mixed media, representing strata , ashes to ashes and dust to dust. A celebration of the cycle of life.

Hanging by a Thread

Hand made ropes, selected for the Sun Pier House Open exhibition in Chatham in 2016


Six hanging sculptural poles. Made in response to six walks organised between 2015 and 2017. Hand woven straps on inkle loom, hand made ropes, knotted by participants on walks.