Current  projects

I am currently working on a commission for the Margate Bookie in July , A Different Lens.

I will be participating in the Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival 2020 in May with a soundscape recorded in Battersea Park in 2019 through Thread and Word. This will be part of WAF  delivered In Your Living Room.

Walking workshops and Performative events

 Well Projects , GOLD projects , POW Thanet March 2019, a commissioned walk and workshop for A Gathering of Flowers. This was a window exhibition delivered through the participation of GOLD members, adults with learning difficulties, through Well Projects in Margate for POW Thanet 2020.

The Margate Bookie , November 2019, a commission  “The Listening Post “ a curated aural exhibition with authors and community writers reading their own works to celebrate the art of listening to stories .

Cohesion Plus – Connect Kent –  November 2019 – two commissioned walks connecting the communities who live near stations on the route from St Pancras to The Tuner 2019 prize exhibited at Turner Contemporary in Margate.

Thread and Word – a walk with poetry and community participation in Whitstable

Walking with. The Waste Land – a walk with poetry readings and participation in Margate.

Sound Uk, Exeter University and LV21October 2019-a commission for two walking events in October 2019 and a bench

installation as a part of Reflect.

LV21March 2019 a commission to deliver a Workshop An Act of Citizenship for event “The Citizen Ship

Ebsfleet Development Corporation , LV21 and Whitstable Biennale – March 2019, commission for event ‘The Gathering’,, ‘Say it with Flowers’

The Margate Bookie, September 2018 – “Walking Shrines” commissioned by Margate Festival, Kent County Council, Dreamland, Turner Contemporary

Emergency Exit Arts, June 2018 , creative practitioner, ongoing, ‘People’s Parlour’ Delivering workshops in Arts/meeting group for over 60’s

A.N.D. – Creative practitioner –  October 2017 – June 2018- commissioned for My Creative School project Churchfields Primary School, Bromley, October 2017 – June 2018

Previous exhibitions and participatory performance based works:

October 2016 , A Walk for Armistice Day, collaborative walk introducing Mead Gallery (Warwick University)  participants to Margate and Walking with The Waste Land , a walking group I established in 2014.

October 2016, To the Garden: A Walk and Talk Through Time and the Seasons with TS Eliot. Fallen Leaves Festival, a walk from the Turner Contemporary to the Garden Gate, Margate.

September 2016 , Walking with The Waste Land, A Cliff Top Wander , part of the Margate Festival organised by Margate Coastal Park, For more about this:

July – August 2016, residency at Sun Pier House, Chatham. For more: 2016 Walking with The Waste Land, a walk organised as part of the Turner Contemporary research Forum , for delegates attending a symposium organised by  the schools of Literature and Archtecture, at The University of Kent, “Writing Buildings”. For more about this:

June 2016, Part of the Whitstable Biennale Satellite program, “A Meditative walk from Whitstable to Tankerton and Back”, using yoga techniques and documented with ropes.

May2016, Organism,Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch, selected sculpture, “Pod” 2016. drawings, “Abundance”, “Thinking about Walking” and “ Coral Gables”.

April 2016, SunPier Open, Chatham, selected wall hanging, “Hanging on by a Thread”

March 2016, Espacio Gallery, Bethnall Green, curated by Ana Cockerill “ Eves and Liliths” celebrating Women’s History month, wall hanging, “Unravelling”

December 2015, Selected for “Memory”, exhibition, organised by Kent Creative, the Pie Factory Margate, Wall Hanging, “Unravelling”.

September 2015. Selected for Threads Debut exhibition, Brewery Tap Gallery, Folkestone, Site responsive sculpture with weave, “Past, Present and Future”.

March 2015, Women’s History month. “Rev it Up” Group show, Espacio Gallery (March 3rd – March 14th) and  L’eclectic in Lambeth (March 17th – March 30th) Mixed media installation, “It’s Complicated”.

January 2015, Selected for “Soil” exhibition at the Horsebridge Centre,Whitstable, organised by East Kent Creative, “Provenance”.

January 2015, Anti GalleryGallery show, Espacio Gallery, organised by Degrees of Freedom Collective. interactive piece using bicycle wheels, maps and weaving,”Thinking Threads, journeys real and imagined”.

May 2014, Part of Satellite program at Whitstable Biennale  – interactive performance “Knitting Jam”

January 2014, Selected for “Heaven and Hell”, Espacio Gallery, Bethnall Green, Woven Sculpture and paintings “Cocoon”.

July 2013, “From the Cradle” – invited by Barclays Bank Wimbledon  to exhibit works on paper and weavings.

September 2012, Lobster Pot Garden – Whitstable Biennale, Satellite Program, installation, Lobster Pot with Knitted elements,  West Beach Whitstable, Kent.

August 2012 – November 2012. Part of studio group at the Turner Contemporary working on Maria Nepomuceno’s ‘Time to Breathe” sponsored by the Victoria Miro Gallery and British Council, at the Turner Contemporary.

July 2012,  Whitsable Oyster Festival – Commission on Reeves Beach – Interactive Installation ”Gaucho Sunset”.

March 2012, selected by MilesKM – Bussey Building, Peckham, an exhibition of works made collaboratively by paired artists based in Madrid and London. “Cocoon”.

September 2011,  Tate Modern September, featured Artist in Katerina Seda’s Commission “From Morning till Night”

January 2010, solo installation, Horsebridge Centre, inspired by Cecilia Vicuna’s poem, made from knitted string and wire,  “Impossible Weaving”.


Walkings New Encounters – Plymouth November 2019 , Are You Listening , a provocation including a walking soundscape and Quipu making workshop.

The After lives of Protest Conference September 2019 ,People’s History Museum, Manchester, panel discussion about memory  and documenting work.

Playing a Part , Kent University, Inside Out Conference August 2019, participative workshop on autism and stemming and an exhibition of works made through knotting.

The fourth World Psychogeography Conference Huddersfield University September 2018, a walking workshop and labyrinth with the artist and writer Sonia Overall in the Louth Valley

Beyond the Pedestrian – Liverpool University,  July 2018, Walking Environments and Performance; A performative Walk with Thread and Word.