Are You Listening?

Are You Listening? a binaural soundscape of a performative walk. This walk took took place in Battersea Park as part of the Chelsea Fringe in 2019. The walk was supported by The Work and Play Scrapstore in Wandsworth. The recording shares sounds from the local area, poetry and performances which respond to particular sites during the walk. These draw your attention to our interconnectedness and environmental sustainability. It has an accompanying slideshow. You are invited to join the walk, wear headphones, if you can. Take a rope ( ( not compulsory, but could be fun) and knot as you join in the poetry readings and actions. You are invited to make a quipu (meditatively knotted rope) of your experience and send the photo to . Your quipu and its story will be posted on The Thread and Word facebook page with your permission.

A Thread and Word Production by the artist Elspeth Penfold and invited artists

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