Welcome to A DIFFERENT LENS 2020

This year’s Lens is taking place online


A Different LENS is an interactive digital map, produced by the artist Elspeth Penfold through the artist group Thread and Word. The map uses locative media and can be accessed through a URL on a phone and also on a laptop. All you need is the link and it is FREE


“Maps are somehow shy. They tend to hide their emotional side behind their clear lines, precise points, minimalistic words, numerical data and informative purpose. But when we scratch the cartographic surface, maps appear to be impregnated with all sorts of emotions.”

(Emotional Cartography: Caquard & Griffin).

A Different Lens is a collaborative project with nine participating Kent based artists who are creating material for an interactive digital map with a focus on Margate and its surrounding area. Each artist has chosen a book, short story or a poem written by an author who is blind or visually impaired and introduces their writing to us through a creative engagement. The project connects with how we develop creative ideas to make the inaccessible accessible. We have received funding from Arts Council England to fund the creation of the digital map. The map will contain a strong audio presence as well as text and images. It will be accessible on phones as a walk or on a laptop if you are unable to physically engage in the walk. It will contain surprise elements and hidden entries that will be revealed at different times. The project will also include entries by members from East Kent Mencap, GOLD . The walk will make connections with how we overcome challenging events in our lives.

* For A Different LENS list of all authors and bios please click on this icon (  ) placed at the top left hand side corner of the map or you can click on the map locations as well to select any one.

Margate Bookie1

We are hoping to expand the map throughout Kent with further entries over the coming months inviting further participation through Open calls.

A Different LENS is having a small preview in September as part of 4WCOP the Fourth World Psychogeography conference in Huddersfield. Following this the link to the url hosting at the Margate Bookie will open on September 12th. There will be a celebratory #DistanceDrift led by the artist, Sonia Overall on Sunday September 13h at 10a.m. on Twitter. This is open to all and free to access. , @soniaoverall www.soniaoverall.net . Sonia Overall is a writer, psychogeographer, founder of the Women Who Walk network and a

Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University. Her project ‘#DistanceDrift for Margate’ is a remote, synchronised walk responding to the sites and texts of #aDifferentLENS Contributors to our map: (Each redirects to dedicated artist page) Lucy Claire, Scott Cheaters, Virginia Fitch, Lucy Holley, Amanda Jones, Diana Lane, William Lewis, Andy Lewis, Jack Lowe, Phoebe McIndoe, Sonia Overall, Elspeth Penfold, Julia Riddiough, Sara Trillo. More contributors to follow as our map grows!

A Different LENS has been developed using https://cgeomap.eu with the support of; Fred Adamson and Geeert Vermeire.

We are also delighted to be part of Margate NOW between September 25th and October 11th, and grateful for their funding and support in disseminating the map through their audiences.

Margate NOW 2020 is a multi-disciplinary arts festival that this year aims to increase online cultural activity and to deliver real-world, socially distanced experiences. The festival is curated by People Dem Collective, a community group based in Margate that facilitate systemic change, promote healing and continue the work of their ancestors.


You can also access the CEGEOMAP through this qr code which will be on display around margate.
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